MSc Students

Student Thesis
Fraser Anderson Objective Surgical Skill Evaluation
Michelle Annett The SNaP Framework: A User-Friendly VR System for Research on Spatial Navigation*
Usman Aziz Real-time Free Viewpoint Video System Based on a New Panorama Stitching Framework
Martha Benitez-Angulo Design of a Prototype Tele-Immersive System Based on View-Morphing*
Niousha Bolandzadeh Multi-modal registration of maxillodental CBCT and photogrammetry data over time
Rui Gao Detection of Linear Features in Aerial Images*
Mario Gomez Finite Element Formulation for Large Displacement Analysis
Garett Hunter Gesture Recognition using Hidden Markov Models, Dynamic Time Warping, and Geometric Template Matching
Maryia Kazakevich Enhanced rendering of fluid field data using Sonification and Visualization
Heather Logan Utility of Digital Surgical Simulation Planning and Solid Free Form Modeling in Fibula Free Flap Mandibular Reconstruction
Gustavo Adolfo Osorio Segmentación Multiescala de Imágenes de Rango
Biao She A system for real-time rendering of compressed time-varying volume data
Rui Shen Medvis: A Real-Time Immersive Visualization Environment for the Exploration of Medical Volumetric Data
Robyn Taylor Augmenting Live Musical Performance Through Music Visualization
Daniel Torres ANIMUS Project: A Framework for the Creation of Synthetic Characters
Fakui Wang A Critical Review of Tele-presence Systems
Winston Wong View Interpolation for Shared Virtual Environments
Qiong Wu Robust Real-Time Bi-Layer Video Segmentation Using Infrared Video
Xing Dong Yang A Performance Analysis of Motor-skill Training Using Haptic Training
Cai Lu Sapphire Zhao Interactive simulation and visualization of complex physics problems using the GPU
Elizabeth Mesa Characterization of Brain Tissue Phantom using an Indentation Device and Inverse Finite Element Parameter Estimation Algorithm
Juan Ramirez Mesh-less Method Implementation for Needle Insertion Simulation
Kyrylo Shegeda A GPU-based Framework for Real-time Free Viewpoint Television
Yuchen Wang Tangible Educational Game for Pre-school Children
Laila Hanto Steen Design and Validation of a Practical Simulator for the Development of Basic Nasal Endoscopy Skills in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Simon Byrns Hand and Eye Gaze Analysis for the Objective Assessment of Open Surgical Dexterity
David Pinzon Learning Through Haptics: Haptic Feedback in Surgical Education
Shimanti Ghosh Motion Compensated Continuous Blood Pressure Measurements Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Mina Abdi Oskouie 

Haptic Perception in Virtual Environments Using Proxy Objects: A Usability Study

Sadegh Charmchi

Optimized U-Net for Left Ventricle Segmentation

Nehan Khan

Anisotropic Geodesic Filter for Speckle Noise Reduction and Edge Preservation in 2D and 3D Echocardiography

Surgical Training Using Proxy Haptics: A Pilot Study

Improving Cranial Vault Remodeling for Unilateral Coronal Craniosynostosis – Introducing Automated Surgical Planning
Video Frame Prediction Using Convolutional LSTM Networks
An Interactive 3D Visualization Tool to Analyze the Functionality of Convolutional Neural Networks

Ph.D. Students

Student Thesis
Michael Greenspan Geometric Probing for 3D Object Recognition in Dense Range Data
Flavio Prieto Métrologie assistée par ordinateur:Apport des capteurs 3D sans contact
Ruyam Acar Digital Marbling Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
Fraser Anderson Gesture Learning in Human-Computer Interaction
Michelle Annett The Fundamental Issues of Pen-Based Interaction with Tablet Devices
Baochun Bai Multiview Video Compression
John Willian Branch Bedoya Reconstruction of Free Form Objects from Range Images Using a Net of NURBS Patches*
Pierre Boulanger Extraction multiéchelle d’éléments géometriques
Irene Cheng Feature Extraction and Adaptive On-line Visualization of 3D TexMesh Using Scale-space Analysis and Perceptual Evaluation
Steven Eliuk Enhancements to Reconstruction Techniques in Computed Tomography Using High Performance Computing
Paul Ferry Eikon: A Tool for Geometric Coding of Large Multivariate Datasets
Pablo Figueroa Retargeting Virtual Reality Applications
Matthew Hamilton Real-time Time Warped Multiscale Signal Processing for Scientific Visualization
Andres Jaramillo Automated Shape Inspection of Deformable Parts
Victor Ochoa-Mayorga Geometric approach to multi-scale 3D gesture comparison
Robyn Taylor Designing from Within: Exploring Experience through Interactive Performance
Jun Zhou A Human-Computer Interaction Framework for Image Interpretation in Cartographic Map Revision*
Richard Moreau Le simulateur d’accouchement BirthSIM: un outil complet pour la formation sans risque en obstétrique
Xiaozhou Zhou A Solution to the Eye Contact Correction in Tele-presence Systems
Xing Dong Yang Blurring the Boundary Between Direct & Indirect Mixed Mode Input Environments
Idanis Diaz Atlas to Patient Registration with Brain Tumor Based on a New Mesh-free Method
Jenny Cifuentes Development of a New Technique for Objective Assessment of Gestures in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Qiong Wu Designing from Motivation: Exploring Large Scale Tagged Data Collection Through Social Monetization Computing
Amir Ali Sharifi Enhancing Visual Perception in Interactive Direct Volume Rendering of Medical Images
Daniel Oloumi Ultra-wideband Synthetic Aperture Radar for Imaging Applications: Industrial and Bio-medical
Mohammed Al-Saleh Fused Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Cone-Beam Computed Tomography: A New Concept of Temporomandibular Joint’s Diagnostic Imaging
Nathanial Maeda

Towards Real-Time Simulation of a Finite Element Generic Lumbar Spine Model

Ray Yang

Development of an Efficient Algorithmic Framework for Deterministic Patient Dose Calculation in MRI-guided Radiotherapy

Deepa Krishnaswamy

A Diffeomorphic 3D-to-3D Registration Algorithm for the Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Ultrasound Sequences

Hong Zu Li

Heart Anomaly Detection System For Ambulatory Electrocardiogram

Shrimanti Ghosh

Predicting Uterine Deformation Due to Applicator Insertion in Pre-Brachytherapy MRI Using Deep Learning

Shadan Golestan-Irani 

Simulation-based Sensor Configuration Optimization to Detect Human Activities in Smart Indoor Spaces