Tele-presence Technologies

During the 20th century, when people were excited by the introduction of new technologies such as the telephones, radio, and TV, no one could imagine that today’s technology could become so powerful and so integrated in our daily life. Today it has become normal to talk to each other no matter where you are on the planet. Users are not only satisfied to receive audio when chatting with friends, but also want to know what they look like and what they are doing. Technologies such as personal video conferencing (like SKYPE) have changed the way we meet and how we communicate with each other. Moreover, it is now trivial to watch live performances or events from around the world as if it was in your own backyard. We can witness those events on an array of personal communication devices ranging from desktop computer to iPhones. It would be even possible in the near future to choose our own viewpoint as if we were present in the theater. It will be also possible to communicate with each other with full body language and immersively as if we were tele-present with your interlocutors.

Free Viewpoint TV Architecture