Past Visitors

Dr. Lilian Machado

Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil, 2019

Usability Study for MedBIKE
Chiheb Trabelsi

Summer student 2014-2015

Convolutional Neural Network for ECG Analysis
Dr. Mohamed Ben Salah
Postdoc 2013-2014
Medical Image Processing
Marina Biamonte
Summer Student 2011-2014
Medical image processing
Timothy Yau
BSc., Summer 2010
Low-cost, interactive floor for balance rehabiliation
Xin Wang
INSA de Lyon, France, 2010
Haptic communication
Ashley Brown
WISEST Student, 2010
Leveraging olfactory illusions in Virtual Reality
Leah Brown
WISEST Student, 2010
Interactive, low-cost assessment of balance disorders using the Nintendo Wii-Fit
Gauri Chaggar
WISEST Student, 2010
Wearable activity monitoring and feedback device
Breanna Cheek
HIP Student, 2010
WISEST Student, 2009
Exploring virtual environments and presence (2010)
Virtual ‘Wiiality’ Applications for Rehabilitation (2009)
Hayley Lawrance
WISEST Student, 2010
Build e-Bear: Interaction through play
Dr. Minh Tu Pham
INSA de Lyon, France, 2009
Birth simulator, intelligent endoscopy, laparoscopy, exoskeletons, 2009