Virtual Reality Bike (VRBike)

VR Bike is a virtual reality cycling system that allows you to explore a virtual world while cycling in the comfort of your own home. Orginally design for the MedBIKE project, the VR Bike was developed to be used as a multi-purpose interface for applications in medical diagnostic,¬†sport’s training, and gaming. The software is based on Unity 3D and use various interfaces for wheel resistance (Kicker) and various data inputs such as cell phone and tablet. VR Bike allows you to control your speed and direction as you explore our virtual worlds at your leisure. Terrain adaptive resistance provides an authentic cycling experience; hill climbing never felt so real!



VRBike aslo has multiplayer capability allowing you to cycle with your family or friends virtually using the internet. A full description of VRBike is available at the following website

The main  objectives of this project are:

  • Explore new ways to interact with virtual worlds
  • Develop new gaming paradigms based on physical activities
  • Improve adherence to physical activity programs
  • Study navigation in a virtual world