Group Members

Principle Investigator & Director

Carrie DEMMANS EPP (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Carrie is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta and a Research Affiliate with the UBC Language Sciences Initiative.

She is interested in the use of technology for supporting learning and assessment. She develops, deploys, and studies educational technologies for language learning and other domains. A large portion of her work has involved the development and visualization of models and analytics. These models and analytics are then used to support the decision making of human and computational agents. To build these systems, she has employed techniques from the areas of software engineering, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and psychology.

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Gökçe AKÇAYΙR (PhD, Educational Technology)

Gökçe’ s research interests include the use of augmented reality and social networking sites in education, flipped classrooms, and computer science education.

She currently holds a SSHRC PDF

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Graduate Students


Mohammad KARIMI ABDOLMALEKI (MSc – thesis-based program, Computing Science)

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Photo of Delaney to support recognition

Delaney LOTHIAN (MSc – thesis-based program, Computing Science)

Delaney is interested in Participatory Design, Language Revitalization, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Machine Learning, and Intelligent Tutoring Systems.



Bruce NIE (BSc Honours, Computing Science & Affiliated Masters student)

Bruce is interested in computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and reinforcement learning.

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 Minghao CAI (PhD, Computing Science)

Minghao’ s research interests include mixed-reality in education/learning, Educational Technology, Human-computer Interaction, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Jiahua LIU (MSc – thesis-based program, Computing Science)

Jiahua is interested in data mining, computer-assisted tool to help learning and web development.


Shannon Clark (MSc – thesis-based program, Computing Science)

Shannon is interested in natural language processing (NLP), computer assisted language learning (CALL), and machine learning.

Undergraduate Students

Nhan NGUYEN (BSc, Computing Science with Specialization)

Nhan is interested in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Software Engineering, and Web Development


Josie Matalski (BSc, Computing Science)

Josie is interested in Language Revitalization, natural language processing (NLP), and reinforcement learning.

High School Students

High school students join our group in July and August and help us with our research and software development activities as part of the Department of Computing Science‘s High School Internship Program (HIP) and the Faculty of Science‘s WISEST Summer Research Program (SRP).

This year three SRP students joined our group: Adya DUTT, Sabrina LOU, and Divya PRASAD.


Zhaorui CHEN (MSc – thesis-based program, Computing Science)

Zhaorui is interested in Educational data mining, Human-computer interaction, Natural Language Processing, Recommender systems, and Reinforcement learning.

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Bunmi (Oluwabunmi ADEYOWIN) OLAKANMI (PhD, Computer Science)

Bunmi is interested in educational technology, educational data mining, inclusive learning, and lifelong learning support.



Krystle PHIRANGEE (Postdoctoral Researcher, Ed. Technology)

Krystle’s research interests include instructional design, student sense of community in online and blended learning environments, and student socio-emotional behaviours.

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Nicole (Zixin) ZHAO (BSc, Electrical Engineering with a Computing Science Minor)

Nicole is interested in Web and Software Development, Deep learning, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Leticia Farias WANDERLEY (MSc – thesis-based program, Computing Science)

Leticia is interested in natural language processing, language learning/education, and data visualization.

Robin HOWSE (Affiliated Masters student)

Robin is interested in Traditional Ecological Knowledge as well as Language and Cultural Revitalization.

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Daniela TEODORESCU (BSc Honors, Computing Science)

Daniela is interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Educational technology, Reinforcement learning, and Cognitive Psychology (attention, memory, and learning)

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Vedant BAHEL (Research Intern)

Verdant is interested in AI for Education, Machine Learning, Educational Data Mining, Learning Analytics, and AI for Medicine.

Other Group Roles


Amrinder GREWAL (undergraduate RA, CS)

Ryan PEREZ (undergraduate RA, CS)


Tyler HEISE (BSc, Computing Science)

Anaka SPARROW (WISEST SRP, undergraduate RA, CS)

Yonael BEKELE (BSc, Computing Science)

Sarah HOVEN (undergraduate RA, CS)


Tejas BHATIA (BSc thesis, CS)

Robin HOWSE (Joint BSc, Enviro. Conserv. Sci., & BA, Native Studies)


Hong CHEN (MSc, course-based)

Delaney LOTHIAN (undergraduate RA, NSERC USRA, CS)

William WONG (BSc, Computing Science Hons.)


Shuonan PEI (undergraduate RA, CS)

Dake ZHANG (undergraduate RA, Mitacs Globalink)


Jennifer MAH (HIP)

Jill ZHENG (HIP, undergraduate RA, Computing Science)