Fellows & Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Xuebin Qin (2020 – 2021) Thyroid image analysis using machine learning Xuebin
Dr. Fatemeh Abdolali (2019 – 2020) Thyroid nodule detection Fatemeh
Dr. Abhilash R. Hareendranathan (2014 – 2018) Medical image fusion Abhilash
Dr. Hakimeh Purmehdi (2017 – 2018) Right ventricular segmentation using machine learning Hakimeh

PhD Students

Sharanya Balachandran (2019 – present) ultrasound image analysis using machine learning Sharanya
Ameneh Sheikhjafari (2017 – 2022) Medical image registration using machine learning Ameneh
Deepa Krishnaswamy (2016 – 2021) Advanced image processing algorithms for multiview fusion Deepa

Master’s Students (Thesis-based)

Debarpan Das (2020 – present) AI-assisted mole detection for online dermatology Debarpan
Atefeh Shahroudnejad (2019 – 2021) Machine learning methods for thyroid nodule segmentation Atefeh
Sadegh Charmchi (2017 – 2018) Cardiac image analysis using convolutional neural networks Sadegh

Master’s Students (Project-based)

Navya Gururaj Rao (2020) Virtual reality system for fetus ultrasound visualization Navya
Lin Tong (2017 – 2018) Multiview fusion recorder module development Lin

Medical and Undergraduate Students

Ahmed Ahmed (2019 – present) Medical robotics system for echocardiography Ahmed
Adam Carscadden (2020 – present) Automated segmentation of cardiac structures using deep learning Adam
Matthew Regehr (2019) Segmentation of right atrium using deep learning Matt
Xiaoran Zhang (2018) Automated delineation of the left atrium from MRI using machine learning Xiaoran
Glynn Martin (2018) Assessment of the left atrial function in cardiac MR image sequences Glynn
Mandy Meindersma (2016 – 2018) Regional assessment of right ventricular function using automated mesh
Andrew Whittle (2016 – 2018) Development of an immersive environment for surgical pre-operative image
Jiali Luan (2016 – present) Advanced MRI functional analysis of right and left ventricles in adults Jiali
Ross Cockburn (2015 – 2016) Development of an immersive environment for medical image visualization Ross
Brendan Morgan (2015) Comparison of 3D vs 2D display in cardiovascular CT and MR Brendan
Claire Park (2015) Advanced MRI functional analysis of right and left ventricles in adults Claire
Marina Biamonte (2014) Multi-view fusion of 3D echocardiography using a multi-camera tracking
Risa Namsechi (2014) Normal RV and LV functional parameters in children measured by MRI Risa
Brock Toews (2013) Dissecting 3D imagery through the use of VTK Brock