Welcome to the Servier Virtual Cardiac Centre

We are an advanced technology laboratory specialized in cardiac imaging, visualization, and cardiac surgical planning.

Our Vision

Medical imaging should enable us to first detect heart diseases accurately and then allow us to plan cardiac surgical treatments

  • We believe that physicians should be able to not only see a patient’s disease well enough to improve diagnosis  but also to plan surgery or intervention ahead of time using simulation
  • Patients should also be able to see better their condition so they can better understand their disease and the planned surgery

We image the heart in 3D, so we should be able to visualize it in 3D

  • Traditionally physicians look at heart images on a normal 2D screen or film
  • Our new technology will allow them to see the heart beating in 3D helping them to make diagnosis of complicated conditions simpler
  • Using these visualization tools, physicians will be able to plan operations and other procedures more effectively ahead of time reducing time and complications and hence improving patient’s outcome