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Summary of Stanford’s Tomorrow’s Professor post “Conflicted Views of Technology: A Survey of Faculty Attitudes”

A 2018 article from Inside Higher Ed summarizes the findings of academic perception of online teaching modalities and technologies. It was recently featured in Tomorrow’s Professor. The key message in the article was that despite growing acceptance, wide-spread use, and perceived efficacy by early adopters much of the academic discipline still distrusts the use of

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Coursera Partners Conference: Listening to Learners 

Coursera Partners Conference: Listening to Learners  Trading Edmonton for Arizona Last month, SciLIFT team members Gavin Bradley and Christopher Djuric were lucky enough to swap the snowy streets of Edmonton for the sunny sidewalks of Tempe, Arizona, and represent the University of Alberta at the Coursera Partners Conference. The University of Alberta has 18 Massive Open

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