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Information for prospective Graduate Students (M.Sc. and Ph.D)

Harynuk group had both Ph.D. and M.Sc. positions available. We are interest in talented and motivated students who have a major in chemistry or data science. You have to be admitted or in the process of applying to the Graduate program before you can join our group. Please review and complete the application (URL below) before sending any inquiries by email.


If you have already submitted your application to the Graduate program: Please contact harynuk@ualberta. ca and attach your submitted applications package to your e-mail. We will get back to you to schedule a meeting in person or via Skype.

If you have not yet applied to the Graduate programYou have to be admitted to the Graduate program before you can join our lab. To facilitate our pre-admission communication, please fill out the graduate program application package available here:

To your email, please attach a completed admissions package with a Letter of Intent (LOI) that clearly describes a potential project in the Harynuk group that you will be interested to work in. I encourage you to read our current publications to identify the area of research that might be of interest to you. If you already completed your application and require additional information for your LOI about our research group, please contact harynuk@ualberta. ca with specific questions highlighted in your LOI draft. I will be happy to share more information about our research group and research opportunities.

You are not required to be a chemistry major to apply to the program or pursue research in our lab, but you have to have sufficient exposure to chemistry courses in your undergraduate degree.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to reply to mass-emails that target multiple research group or do not specifically target Harynuk Group.

Information for post-doctoral fellows

We have some open positions in Harynuk for candidates who hold a Ph.D. in chemistry, analytical chemistry, data science or related fields and who are interested in pursing post-doctoral work in analytical chemistry, chemometrics and environmental analysis. Please complete the PDF_application before sending the inquiry and attach the filled application to your email. Emails without the  PDF_application will not be considered.

I will not be able to reply to mass-emails that target multiple research groups. General inquiries about broadly-defined positions that are not tailored to research in the Harynuk Lab will not be acknowledged.

To facilitate our further communication, I encourage the prospective Postdoctoral candidates to organize the following:

1. A research proposal, with figures, schemes and illustrations if possible, describing a project in the Harynuk group that you would be interested to work in. I encourage you to read our research description and current publication list to identify the area of research that might be of interest to you.

2. Names of the three referees who will write reference letters for you. One of the referees has to be your PhD supervisor.

3. If you have already completed one post-dosctoral training and you are seeking a second postdoctoral training, you have to justify the need for a second post-doctoral training. Please arrange for you current supervisor to send a reference letter to harynuk@ualberta. ca directly. You application might not be considered without this letter.

4. List of funding opportunities you will apply for to fund your postdoctoral position in the Harynuk Lab. Please carefully consider the eligibility requirements and note that many of them are not available for second postdoctoral training.

5. Career goal (what do you plan to do once you complete post-doctoral training in our group).

Information for undergraduate students

Undergraduate researcher and summer researcher positions are available in the Harynuk group for students with major or honors/specialization in chemistry, bioinformatics, and related areas. Please see below for more information:

We are looking for motivated undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a research in our group, working on independent projects and publishing your project in peer-reviewed journals as a lead author. We accept students who are looking only for a short-term or long-term positions in our lab. In your initial inquiry, please specify clearly whether you are looking for short-term or long-term opportunity.

1. Before applying, please identify the funding opportunities that you will be eligible to apply for (AIHS, URI, NSERC USRA, other) to sustain your long-term research in the lab. If you plan to join Harynuk group to pursue Chem401-403 or other research-for-credit courses, I still encourage you to identify the fellowships that will allow you to continue the research in the lab once the course is complete.

2. From the research description and publication list, identify the area of research that is of interest to you and write a 0.5-page proposal describing a potential project that you would be interested in working on. While your future project in the lab might or might not be similar to the proposed project, this proposal will help me assess your writing skills, scientific background and overall motivation to do research in our lab.

3. E-mail the proposal, your transcript, CV if you have one, and a brief description of your goals after completion of the B.Sc. degree. In your e-mail, indicate the time you will be available for one-on-one interview.