Executive Advisory Committee

University of Alberta 
Dr. J. Nelson Amaral (Grant Holder, PI and Co-Chair) – Professor, Computing Science, University of Alberta
Dr. Randy Goebel Associate VP Research/Academic, Professor Computing Science, Provost & Vice-President Academic – Admin, University of Alberta
Dr. Deborah James AVP (Innovation), Vice-President Research Innovation, University of Alberta
University of Calgary 
Dr. Frank Maurer Associate Dean, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Faculty of Science, University of Calgary
Dr. Susan Skone Associate VP Research, University of Calgary
Brad Butterfield (Co-Chair IBM Alberta CAS) – IBM Business Unit Executive – Public Sector Western Canada
Joe Sehl Innovation Leader, IBM Canada
Dr. Murray Campbell Distinguished Engineer, Manager AI Foundations, IBM Research Yorktown Heights
Dr. Kirk Jordan Distinguished Engineer, Data Centric Solutions and Chief Science Officer, IBM Research UK, IBM Research Cambridge
Marcellus Mindel Head, IBM CAS Canada

CAS Development

Dr. J. Nelson Amaral Principal Investigator
Ms. Monica Sawchyn Executive Director
Mr. Wesley Calvert Administrative Assistant