Rapid Reservoir Modeling and Visualization

University of Calgary and IBM Research – Brazil


  • Dr. Mario Costa Sousa, Computer Science, University of Calgary
  • IBM Research – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
  • Imperial College, Heriot-Watt University
  • Industry Partners

Constructing or refining complex reservoir models at the appraisal, development, or production stage is a challenging, time-consuming task with a high degree of uncertainty. The lack of an intuitive set of modeling, simulation and visualization tools that support expert interpretation from geophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers significantly increases the challenge. A particular limitation is the lack of software that allows conceptual models to be rapidly created, using a simple, intuitive interface, and then interrogated for key reservoir properties and behaviors. This project will support the University of Calgary and other partners in the development of Rapid Reservoir Modeling (RRM) software for prototyping complex reservoir models, by means of novel, interactive, modeling techniques, exploratory visualization, and numerical analysis. The project will deliver RRM workflows vetted by industry partners to ensure that the platform will be capable of modeling the problems that are most critical. The Rapid Reservoir Modeling and Visualization project will also contribute highly desirable skills to the province, thus making the sector more globally competitive.