Finding 3D print files and project ideas:

There are a number of great websites to find 3d print files and project ideas. Large databases exist where makers (just like you) upload their ideas, print files and designs for everyone else to make. Check out some of these resources for an entire project or maybe just some inspiration




Making a 3D print file:

Often times you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for online. That’s okay! Now you can learn how to make your very own 3D objects to print. There are a number of free, downloadable softwares for CAD modelling. Sketchup and Tinkercad are both free, easy access and a great starting point. At The Shack, we often use Inventor or Fusion, both available in the Autodesk software suite which is free to students. Autodesk is also installed on Shack computers.




Editing and Printing:

Our Machina printers use Repetier Host as a slicing and printing software while our prusa printers use Prusa Control or Slic3r Prusa edition. For slicing and editing STLs, we refer Shack users to Netfabb (available through Autodesk)

Repetier Host

Prusa Control

Prusa Slic3r Edition

Ordering filament for 3D printing:

Although filament is provided free of charge at The Shack, you may want to order some that only you can use – or to have a colour The Shack doesn’t currently carry. Listed below are some of The Shack’s trusted suppliers.



Ordering consumables and components:

There are a few good sites to order electronics components from, see below



These sites below are good for ordering materials, hardware and tools

McMaster Carr


For orders talk to a Shack employee about having it directly ordered to The Shack! We’d love to help keep your materials and components safe from package thiefs.