Welcome to the Technology & Pedagogy Reading Club

This club is the opportunity to explore and discuss about the issues regarding Technology innovations and Pedagogy. Participants are invited to proposed articles or topics and become co-facilitators on this new monthly meeting.


SciLIFT will propose this article for the first “Technology & Pedagogy Reading Club” to explore the examples proposed by the article and refers to our own experience here at the Faculty of Science.

The proposed article is:


Best Practices in the Use of Technology to Integrate Core Skills into Course Content, from Contact North, Online learning. They present, in their August newsletter publication, this article about the best practices recorded in other Canadian Higher Education Institutions on the use of technology integration based on a list of core skills that we can find in our teaching practice.

The core skills proposed on the paper are:

• Teamwork and collaboration;
• Critical thinking and problem-solving;
• Independent and continuous learning;
• Communications;
• Innovation and initiative;
• Information and Media Literacy;
• Intercultural skills

We will discuss how those core skills have been integrated into online course content, delivery, and/or assessment in our teaching practice.

When: Friday, Sept. 27
Hour: From 12 to 1 Pm
Where: CCIS 5-204

This meeting will be facilitated by Mauricio Rivera-Quijano, educational developer at FoS.

If you would like to recommend an article or journal for us to discuss, please email riveraqu@ualberta.ca

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