Group Members

Research Associate

Dr. Mustafa Supur 

supur [at]

Graduate Students

Qichao (Jennifer) Wu, Ph.D. student, Fall 2019

qichao2 [at]                                                   

Jennifer completed her B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Alberta and she is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Jennifer is interested in electrochemical measurements and interfacial science. Her research focuses on interfacial chemistry between active materials and electrodes in Perovskite solar cells. Out of the lab, Qichao enjoys skiing and hiking.

Fuwei Wen, Ph.D. student, Fall 2019

fwen [at]

Nicholas Kissoon, Ph.D. student, Fall 2019

Kissoon [at]

Justin Mah, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2020

mah [at]

Justin was born and raised in Northern BC. He is a 4th-year undergraduate student Chemistry at the University of Alberta and will join the Chemistry MSc program in fall 2020. Justin’s current research interests are solid-state batteries and multivalent batteries. He investigates materials and fabrication methods to protect interfacial decompositions in solid-state batteries. Justin interests in playing piano, doing origami and swing dancing in his spare time.

Geng Xie, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2020

gx [at]

Geng was born and raised in Shijiazhuang, a peaceful city near Beijing. He moved to Saskatchewan in 2014 after high school and then to Alberta a year after. Geng is now a 4th-year undergraduate student in Chemistry (Honor) at the University of Alberta. He studies electrode and electrolyte interfaces in solid-state lithium and sodium batteries. Out of the lab, Geng loves cooking, traveling, and reading books. He is a fan of Haruki Murakami.

Xiang You, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2020

xyou2 [at]

Runqi Wu, MSc. Student, Fall 2021 

Undergraduate Students

Roshayne Aranzaso

aranzaso [at]

Janet Li [at]


Group Alumni

Kristen Rosagaran

Undergraduate Student


Ziyi Pi

ISWEP Student

Summer 2019

Rochish Manda

UARE Student

Summer 2019