RLAI Library (Internal)

The RLAI Lab Library  is a collection of books which may be checked out by members of the RLAI group at the University of Alberta. The library primarily contains academic textbooks and collections, though it also contains technical references and manuals, in addition to some non-technical resources. The RLAI Lab Library is located in CSC 3-05.

Using the Library

Finding books

  1. To find a book, check the online library below.
  2. Look for it on the shelf.
  3. If it is not on the shelf, check the card file to determine who has it checked out.

Checking out books

To check out a book, remove its card and write your name and the current date on the card. Place the card in the brown card file, which is located on the same shelf as the books. You must check out any book that leaves the library area.

Returning books

To return a book, remove the appropriate card from the brown card file and write the return date upon it. Place the card back inside the book and return the book to the shelf.

Requesting books

To request a book, email the title of the book and a brief rationale for the inclusion of the book in the library to Lori Troop and cc your supervisor.  If the book is appropriate and necessary for the library, it will be ordered.

Library Index

Title Author Publisher Copies
Absolute C++ (First Edition) Walter Savitch 2
A Course in Functional Analysis
2nd edition
John B. Conway Springer 1
Adaptive Algorithms and Stochastic Approximations Albert Benveniste, Michel Metivier, Pierre Priouret 1
Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning Csaba Szepesvari Morgan & Claypool 2
All of Statistics L. Wasserman 1
An Introduction to the Approximation of Functions Theodore J. Rivlin Dover Publications 1
An Invitation to Computer Science (Second Edition) G. Michael Schneider, Judith L. Gersting 1
ANSI Common Lisp 2
Applications of Mathematics – Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability-
Random Iterative Models
Marie Duflo Springer 1
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (Fifth Edition) Richard A. Johnson, Dean W, Wichern 1
Approximate Dynamic  Programming
Solving the Curses of Dimensionality
Warren B. Powell Wiley-Interscience 1
Approximation of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems Athanasios C. Antoulas Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematic 1
The Approximation of Functions John R. Rice 1
Approximation Theory
1st edition
Ole Christensen, Khadija L. Christensen Birkhauser 1
Artificial Intelligence Elaine Rich McGraw Hill 1
Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach
2nd edition
Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig Prentice Hall 2
Artficial Intelligence In Perspective 1
Bash Cookbook Carl Albing, JP Vossen, Cameron Newham O’Reilly 1
Beyond the Kalman Filter – Particle Filters for Tracking Applications Branko Ristic, Sanjeev Arulampalam, Neil Gordon Artech House Publishers 1
Brain-Like Computing and Intelligent Information Systems Shun-ichi Amari, Nikola Kasabov
C++ How To Program (starring the Standard Template Library) Deitel & Deitel Prentice Hall 1
C++ The Complete Reference (Third Edition) Herbert Schildt
Code Complete 2nd edition S. McConnell Microsoft Press 1
A Compendium of Machine Learning Volume 1: Symbolic Machine Learning Garry Briscoe and Terry Caelli 1
Computational Intelligence: A Logical Approach David Poole, Alan Mackworth, Randy Goebel Oxford University Press 1
Computer Systems 1
Concept Core Reading Eric Margolis, Stephen Laurence The MIT Press 1
Concepts In Probability And Stochastic Modeling 1
Continuous Multivariate Distributions Vlo. 1
2nd edition
Samuel Kotz, N. Balakrishnan, Norman L. Johnson Wiley-Interscience 1
Continuous Univariate Distributions  Vol. 1
2nd edition
Norman L. Johnson, Samuel Kotz, N. Balakrishnan Wiley-Interscience 1
Continuous Univariate Distributions  Vol. 2
2nd edition
Norman L. Johnson, Samuel Kotz, N. Balakrishnan Wiley-Interscience 1
Convex Analysis and Optimization D.P. Bertsekas 1
Convex Optimization Stephen Boyd, Lieven Vandenberghe Cambridge University Press 1
Convex Optimization Theory Dimitri P. Bertsekas Athena Scientific 1
Cybernetics Circular Causal and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems Hans Lukas Teuber 1
Cybernetics (or Control and Communication in Animal and the Machine) Norbert Wiener 1
Data Structures and Algorithms Alfred V. Aho 1
Data Structures And Algorithms In Java
2nd edition
Discrete Mathematical Structures Kolman, Busby, Ross Prentice Hall 1
Discrete Multivariatte Eistributions
1st edition
Norman L. Johnson, Samuel Kotz, N. Balakristhnan Wiley-Interscience 1
Distributed Operating Systems & Algorithms 1
Dyamic programming & Optimal control Vol 1
3rd edition
D.P. Bertsekas 2
Dyamic programming & Optimal control Vol 2
2nd edition
D.P. Bertsekas 2
Elementary Numerical Analysis S.D. Conte
Elements of Information Theory Thomas M. Cover 1
Evaluating Learning Algorithms  A Classification Perspective Nathalie Japkowics, Mohak Shah Cambridge University Press 1
Evolution, Games and Learning
-Models for Adaptation in Machines and Nature-
Doyne Farmer, Alan Lapedes, Norman Packard and Burton Wendroff North-Holland Amsterdam 1
Evolution, Learning and Cognition Y.C.Lee World Scientific 1
Factorization Methods for Discrete Sequential Estimation Gerald J. Bierman Dover Publications 1
Foundations of Modern Probability
2nd edition
Olav Kallenberger Springer 1
Fundamentals of Adaptive Filtering Ali H. Sayed Wiley-IEEE Press 1
Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks Mohamad H. Hassoun The MIT Press 1
Game Theory Evolving Herbert Gintis Princeton University Press 1
Garner’s Modern American Usage B.A.Garner Oxford University Press 1
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning C.E.Rasmussen and C.K.I.Williams The MIT Press 1
GENETIC Programming John R. Koza The MIT Press 1
Goal  Seeking Components for Adaptive Intellgence:  An Initial  Assessment A.G. Barto, R.S. Sutton 1
The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Avron Barr & Edward A. Feigenbaum 1
Human Associative Memory (Course Notes) J. R. Anderson & G. H. Bower 1
2nd edition
G.H. Hardy, J.E. Lttlewood, G. Polya Cambridge University Press 1
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms D.J.C.Mackay Cambridge 1
Introduction To Algorithems
2nd edition
Introduction to Approximation Theory
2nd edition
E. W. Cheney Amer Mathematical Society 1
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Dan W. Patterson 1
Introduction To Linear Algebra
2nd edition
Introduction to Machine Learning Ethem Alpaydin The MIT Press 2
Introduction to Stochastic Search and Optimization
1st edition
James C. Spall Wiley-Interscience 1
Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting
2nd edition
Peter J. Brockwell, Richard A. Davis Springer 1
Introduction to Wavelets and Wavelets Transforms C. Sidney Burrus, C. Sidney Burrus, Ramesh A. Gopinath Prentice Hall 1
Introductory Lectures On Convex Optimization – A Basic Course Yurii Nesterov Kluwer Academic Publishers 2
Learning: Animal Behaviour and Human Cognition Frank Restle 1
Learning Bayesian Networks Richard E. Neapolitan, 1
Learning in Graphical Models Michael Jordan MIT Press 1
Learning with Kernels Scholkopf and Smola 1
Learning Python
2nd edition
Linear Regression Analysis – 2nd Edition George A.F. Seber, Alan J.Lee Wiley Interscience 1
MAC OS X Help Line 1
Machine Learning Jebara, Tony, Springer 1
Machine Learning and Data Mining
-Methods and Applications-
Ryszard S. Michalski, Ivan Bratko and Miroslav Kubat Wiley 1
Mathematics of Statistics (Part 1) Kenney 1
MATLAB&SIMULINK-Installation Guide for Mac OS X The MathWorks 1
MATLAB&SIMULINK-Installation Guide for UNIX The MathWorks 1
MATLAB-The Language of Technical Computing
Desktop Tools and Development Environment
The MathWorks 1
MATLAB-The Language of Technical Computing
Getting Started with MATLAB
The MathWorks 1
MATLAB-The Language of Technical Computing
The MathWorks 1
MATLAB-The Language of Technical Computing
The MathWorks 1
MATLAB-The Language of Technical Computing
Using MATLAB Graphics
The MathWorks 1
Markov Chains and Invariant Probabilities Onesimo Hernandez-Lerma, Jean B. Lasserre Birkhauser Basel 1
Markov Decision processes M. Puterman 2
Markov Processes:  Characterization and Convergence
2nd edition
Stewart N. Ethier, Thomas G. Kurtz Wiley-Interscience 1
Matrix Analysis Roger A. Horn, Charles R. Johnson Cambridge 1
Matrix Computations
3rd edition
Gene H. Golub 2
Measure Theory Joseph Doob Springer 1
Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineering P. Glasserman Springer 1
Monte Carlo Statistical Methods
2nd edition
Christian P. Robert, George Casella Springer 1
Motivated Reinforcement Learning K. E. Merrick, M. L. Maher Springer 1
Neural Networks for Control Rich Sutton and Paul J. Werbos A Bradford Book 1
Neural Network Learning:  Theoretical Foundations
1st edition
Martin Anthony, Peter L. Bartlett Cambridge University Press 1
Neural Network Toolbox-For Use with MATLAB
User’s Guide
The MathWorks
Neuro-dynamic programming Bertsekas & Tsitsiklis Athena Scientific 2
Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design M. Kristic, I. Kanellakopoulos, P. Kokotovic Wiley Inter-Science 1
Nonlinear Programming
2nd edition
D.P. Bertsekas Athena Scientific 2
Nonparametric Econometrics Adrian Pagan, Aman Ullah Cambridge University Press 1
Nonparametric Statistical Methods
2nd edition
Myles Hollander, Douglas A. Wolfe Wiley-Interscience 1
Nonparametric Statistics for Stochastic Processes
2nd edition
Denis Bosq, K. Krickeberg, S. Fienberg Springer 1
Numerical Methods and Software David Kahaner, Cleve Moler, Stephen Nash 1
Numerical Optimization
1st edition
Jorge Nocedal, Stephen Wright Springer 1
On Intelligence 1
On Lisp – Advanced Techniques For Common Lisp 1
Optimal Control Theory: An Introduction D.E. Kirk Dover Publications 1
Optimal Design of Experiments Friedrich Pukelsheim Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematic 1
Optimization Methods in Finance G. Cornuejols, R. Tutuncu Cambridge 1
Optimization Toolbox-For Use with MATLAB
User’s Guide
The MathWorks 1
Parallel Distributed Processing Vol. 1 1
Parallel Distributed Processing Vol. 2 1
Parallel Programming with MPI Peter S. Pacheco 1
Pattern Classification
2nd edition
Duda, Hart & Stork 2
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
1st edition
Christopher M. Bishop Springer 1
Prediction, Learning, and Games N. Cesa-bianchi, G. Lugosi Cambridge 1
Probabilisitc Networks and Expert Systems Cowell, Robert G., Lauritzen, Steffen L., and Spiegelhater, David J. Springer 1
Probabilistic Robotics Sebastian T., Wolfram B. and Dieter F. The MIT Press 1
Probability Theory: An Advance Course V. S. Borkar Springer 1
Python Cookbook 1
Python – Essential Reference
2nd edition
Python In A Nutshell 1
Real Analysis: An Introduction AJ White 1
Rapid Development S.McConnell Microsoft Press 1
Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Programming Using Function Approximators L. Busoniu, R. Babuska, B. De Schutter, D. Ernst CRC Press 1
RL & Simulation-based Search in Computer GO David Silver Thesis 1
Sequential Analysis Abraham Wald Dover Publications 1
Sequential Estimation M. Ghosh, N. Mukhopadhyau, P. K. Sen Wiley 1
Sparse Distributed Memory 1
Springer Handbook of Robotics B. Siciliano, O. Khatib Springer 1
Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis
2nd edition
James O. Berger Springer 1
Statistical Learning Theory V. N. Vapnik Wiley-Interscience 1
Statistical Methods
8th edition
Snedecor, George W. and Cochran, William Gemmell Iowa Wate Press 1
Statistical Modeling by Wavelets Brani Vidakovic Wiley-Interscience 1
Stochastic Approximation and Recursive Algorithms and Applications 2nd edition H.J.Kushner, G.G. Yin Springer 1
Stochastic Approximation: A Dynamical Systems Viewpoint V.S. Borkar Hindustan Book Agency 1
Stochastic Processes Joshp Leo Doob John Wiley & Sons 1
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
2nd edition
Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman The MIT Press 1
Structured Probablistic Models Koller and Friedman 1
The Analysis of Time Series
6TH edition
Chris Chatfield Chapman & Hall/CRC 1
The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class J. Michael Steels Cambridge University Press 1
The Elements of Statistical Learning T. Hastie, R. Tibshirani, J. Friedman 2
The Elements of Style 4th edition W.Strunk JR, E.B.White Longman 3
The Generic Chaining
1st edition
Michel Talagrand Springer 1
The MIT Encyclopedia of The Cognitive Sciences 1
The Nature of Statictical Learning Theory 2nd edition V. N. Vapnik Springer 1
The Psychology of Animal Learning N.J. Mackintosh Academicpress 1
The Soar Papers Vol. 2 1
The Theory of Incentives – The Principal-Agent Models Jean-Jacques Laffont & David Martimort Princeton University Press 1
The Wiki Way Quick Conllaboration on the Web B.Leuf, W.Cunningham Addison-Welsley 1
Topics in Matrix Analysis R. A. Horn, C. R. Johnson Cambridge 1
Univariate Discrete Distributions
3rd edition
Norman L. Johnson, Adrienne W. Kemp, Samuel Kotz, Wiley-Interscience 1
Wavelets and Filter Banks Gilbert Strang, Truong Nguyen Wellesley Cambridge 1