Centrifuge Microscope

A centrifuge microscope combines great force with high magnification. By spinning a digital microscope set up within a centrifuge, samples can be imaged while under extremely high force. Centrifuge microscopes have applications ranging from biophysics (analysis of protein folding and unfolding) to astrobiology (microorganisms in super gravitational environments).


With the support of the Woodside lab, the shack is developing a centrifuge microscope. The system will utilize a large bench top centrifuge, a single board computer and high precision optics to capture and send images over wifi while operating. Nano-sized polystyrene beads  will be used along with micromechanical membranes to calibrate the centrifuge microscope so it can be used for biophysics applications.


\ Centrifuge assembly with two microscope units


Deconstructed microscope assembly with Rock64 computer, optics, camera unit and battery