About Us

At The Shack, our goal is to use bring interdisciplinary undergraduate students into our open-access facility to pursue projects that would not be possible elsewhere. Access to cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies means that students can leverage their university education and their creative skills to bring their ideas to life. Many of our existing projects span many scientific fields, allowing opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. The Shack is also working to provide opportunities to involve the greater University of Alberta community, as well as public outreach initiatives.

The goals of The Shack are as follows:


  • To celebrate science, technology, hardware, and innovation in the context of experiential learning and hands-on science education.
  • To create a mentoring environment in which an interdisciplinary community can thrive and students can practice new skills in both individual and teamwork.
  • To provide access to tools, resources, and support to allow for the promotion and development of hands-on hardware skills and experiential learning.
  • To foster the synthesis of knowledge obtained in the classroom with psychomotor and application skills obtained in the lab, to help students improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills in an interdisciplinary milieu.
  • To actively promote the development and physical realization of student creativity, both in curricular learning and outside the classroom.
  • To contribute to substantial developments in research, experimental science, and curricular enhancement for students.
  • To promote the development of an active entrepreneurial culture.



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