Tea Time Talks

The Tea Time Talk website is now hosted here: https://amiithinks.github.io/tea-time-talks/

Information about TTT in previous years

Everyone is welcome!

You, either RLAI member or visitor, are strongly encouraged to give a talk. Please let us know.
  • When: Mondays and Wednesday 4:45-5:15pm (tea starting at 4:30pm)
  • Dates: May 31, 2017  to August 30, 2017
  • Where: CSC 3-33


  • A tea-time talk can either be an overview of a relevant paper or a summary of the presenter’s own work
  • Talks start punctually at 4:45pm, and are limited to 20 minutes + 10 minutes of question time
  • Presenters should focus on transmitting information as efficiently as possible
  • It is the presenter’s responsibility to pass over disruptive questions if they divert from the talk
  • It is the listener’s responsibility to only ask questions that help clarify rather than disrupt the talk


  • Please send your talk information to a TTT organizer (e.g. Dylan, dashley@ualberta.ca) for posting
  • For each new round of talks, all subscribers will be randomly assigned a day to present a talk
  • Please resolve date conflicts by agreeing to swap with someone else, and then notify an organizer
  • If you have difficult constraints, notify the RLAI mailing list to find someone to swap with
  • Please select a topic for your talk and send it to an organizer at least one week in advance
  • If you are presenting a paper, please provide a link to the paper for posting in the calendar
  • Reminders of upcoming talks will be sent out on a weekly basis

One student per week is in charge of making sure that we still have some tea and cookies, that the kettle is hot by 4:30, and clearing away at the end of the talk. This responsibility will rotate through the students in order indicated by the “host” column below. Hosts should see Dylan to pick up their tea for the week.

Schedule from 2014
Tea Time Talk schedule and info from 2014