Chengcheng Rao


I am Chengcheng and my English name is Double Cheng (cool!). I was born in Wuhan, a city near the Yangzi River in central China, also a place full of delicious food. I did my B. Eng. in material science at Wuhan University of Technology in my hometown in 2012. After one year’s study at East China Normal University, I went to National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing and got my M. Eng. in material physics and chemistry in 2015. In September, 2015 I started my studies as a Ph.D. student at the U of A and luckily joined Buriak’s group. I am now moving forward in the nano world with other nice and talented group members. In my free time, I like running, swimming and am willing to learn more sports. I also enjoy traveling and hiking to discover something new.