Graduate Students

MSc Students

Ian Watts Projected Augmented Reality for Surgical Guidance
Michael Feist Application of LSTM to Video Image Processing
Mahdi Rahmani Hanzaki Surgical Training Using Proxy Haptic Mannequin
Pouneh Gorji Automated Fatty Liver Detection in Ultrasound Images Using U-Net
Melissa Woghiren Early Stroke Detection Using Eye Tracking
Emilie Robertson Virtual Surgical Planning in Cranial Vault Reconstruction for Infants with Unilateral Coronal Synostosis
Anahita Doosti Sanjani 3D Real-time Bone Tracking in Fluoroscopic Images

PhD Students

Ray Yang Novel Technique for Dose Calculations for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
Thea Wang Application of Proxy Haptics to Medical Training
Shimanti Ghosh Segmentation of Bones and Muscles Motion in MRI Images Sequences
Hong Zu Li Continuous Heart Anomaly Detection System with Motion Artifacts Suppression
Deepa Krishnaswamy A Novel 4D Semi-Automated Algorithm for Volumetric Segmentation in Echocardiography
Athar Mahmoudi-Nejad

Application of Virtual Reality to Manage Anxiety Disorders

Mohsen Soltanpour

Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation from CT Perfusion Scans

Bernal Manzanilla

Robotically Controlled Multi-View Ultrasound Imaging


Nathaniel Rossol

Improved Human Movement Tracking and Prediction in High-Occlusion Multiuser Virtual Reality Environments