University of Alberta

Production of atmospheric organosulfates via mineral-mediated photochemistry
M Schmidt, SM Jansen van Beek, M Abou-Ghanem, AO Oliynyk, AJ Locock, SA Styler
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, Article ASAP
Particulate matters: student-led air quality research in the third-year environmental chemistry classroom and the field
S Gao, RW Hilts, MS Ross, SA Styler
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 410 (14), 3223–3229
Photochemical production of singlet oxygen by urban road dust
CD Cote, SR Schneider, M Lyu, S Gao, L Gan, AJ Holod, THH Chou, SA Styler
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 5 (2), 92–97

Postdoctoral Work

Organic composition, chemistry, and photochemistry of urban film in Leipzig, Germany
SA Styler, AM Baergen, DJ Donaldson, H Herrmann
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2 (9), 935–945
Chemistry of urban grime: inorganic ion composition of grime vs particles in Leipzig, Germany
AM Baergen, SA Styler, D van Pinxteren, K Müller, H Herrmann, DJ Donaldson
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (21), 12688–12696
Tropospheric aqueous-phase chemistry: kinetics, mechanisms, and its coupling to a changing gas phase
H Herrmann, T Schaefer, A Tilgner, SA Styler, C Weller, M Teich, T Otto
Chemical Reviews 115 (10), 4259–4334
Apportioning aldehydes: quantifying industrial sources of carbonyls
SA Styler
Journal of Environmental Sciences 27 (4), 132–134
Comprehensive assessment of meteorological conditions and airflow connectivity during HCCT-2010
A Tilgner, L Schöne, P Bräuer, D van Pinxteren, E Hoffmann, G Spindler, SA Styler, S Mertes, W Birmili, R Otto, M Merkel, K Weinhold, A Wiedensohler, H Deneke, R Schrödner, R Wolke, J Schneider, W Haunold, A Engel, A Wéber, H Herrmann
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 (17), 9105–9128

Graduate Work

Laboratory chamber measurements of the longwave extinction spectra and complex refractive indices of African and Asian mineral dusts
C Di Biagio, P Formenti, SA Styler, E Pangui, JF Doussin
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (17), 6289–6297
Heterogeneous photooxidation of fluorotelomer alcohols: a new source of aerosol-phase perfluorinated carboxylic acids
SA Styler, AL Myers, DJ Donaldson
Environmental Science & Technology 47 (12), 6358–6367
Heterogeneous photochemistry of oxalic acid on Mauritanian sand and Icelandic volcanic ash
SA Styler, DJ Donaldson
Environmental Science & Technology 46 (16), 8756–8763
Photooxidation of atmospheric alcohols on laboratory proxies for mineral dust
SA Styler, DJ Donaldson
Environmental Science & Technology 45 (23), 10004–10012
Increased steady state uptake of ozone on soot due to UV/Vis radiation
V Zelenay, ME Monge, B D’Anna, C George, SA Styler, T Huthwelker, M Ammann
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 116 (D11), D11301
Substrate effects in the photoenhanced ozonation of pyrene
SA Styler, ME Loiseaux, DJ Donaldson
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11 (3), 1243–1253
Rapid and convenient synthesis of the 1,4-dihydropyridine privileged structure
LLW Cheung, SA Styler, AP Dicks
Journal of Chemical Education 87 (6), 628–630
Photoenhanced ozone loss on solid pyrene films
SA Styler, M Brigante, B D’Anna, C George, DJ Donaldson
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (36), 7876–7884

And Earlier

Unusual selectivity of unprotected aziridines in palladium-catalyzed allylic amination enables facile preparation of branched aziridines
IDG Watson, SA Styler, AK Yudin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (16), 5086–5087
Phase transitions of malonic and oxalic acid aerosols
CF Braban, MF Carroll, SA Styler, JPD Abbatt
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 107 (34), 6594–6602

Moonlighting as an Anthropologist

It’s not easy being blue: are there olfactory and visual trade-offs in plant signalling?
K Valenta, KA Brown, AD Melin, SK Monckton, SA Styler, DA Jackson, CA Chapman
PLoS One 10 (6), e0131725
Colour and odour drive fruit selection and seed dispersal by mouse lemurs
K Valenta, RJ Burke, SA Styler, DA Jackson, AD Melin, SM Lehman
Scientific Reports 3, 2424