Equipment List

Machina X Series Printers

The Machina X Series printer has been the workhorse for The Shack for the last 3 years. With a 21x25x25cm print bed, the Machina X Series is able to quickly print medium to large sized objects with moderate resolution and high speed. A heated, borosilicate glass print surface allows for good adherence and easy removal. If this is your first print at The Shack you will likely be using one of our Machina printers first to get the hang of things.

PRUSA MK 2 & 3 Printers

Voted best printer of the 2018 by, the Prusa Mk2 and 3 really has it all – incredibly high resolution prints, 21x25x25cm magnetic removable print bed and easily removable support structure. Support is offered for printing in a variety of material – ABS, PETG, HIPS, FLEX – if you want it we got it. The open source design of Prusa printers means they are customizable and the perfect machine to learn from how printers work. With 4 more Prusa Mk3s recently added, there has never been a better time to try one out.

PRUSA MK 2 Multi-Material Printer

Ever needed a bit more colour in your life? Then the Prusa Mk2 and 3 Multi-Material 3D printer is exactly what you need. Print an object with 4 different colours/materials for an eye-popping effect. Difficult support material can be washed away when printed with water-soluble filament leaving your perfect object. Come try it out.

Epilog Mini 40W Laser Cutter/Engraver

The Epilog Mini 40W Laser is small but packs a bunch. Its bed can accommodate material up to 12×18” and its powerful 40W laser can cut through wood, plastics, mat boards and fabrics with ease. Engrave almost anything under the sun, including aluminium, glass and marble with up to 1200 DPI resolution. Great for DIY projects and very high accuracy part making.

Voltera Circuit Board Printer

Voltera is PCB manufacturing made easy. In under one hour you can have a 2 layered PCB of your own design ready for use. This is a must have for prototyping projects with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other microcontrollers. If you’re tired of extensive hand soldering, just mount your components and let Voltera take over, getting the board to reflow temp and adhering your components in minutes.

Wabeco Manual Mill

This german made manual mill is perfect for moderate sized machining projects. With a full array of drill bits and end mills, the possibilities are endless. Table travel of 50x15x28cm means larger objects can easily be accommodated. A digital readout display makes it easy to keep track of positioning and ensure cuts are as accurate as possible. Speed can be selected from 123-3000 RPM. Proof of prior mill training is required for use.

Mini CNC Mill

Take it easy with our mini CNC mill and let the software do the work for you. Great for small projects, this mill packs a surprising punch. The option for manual control of the mill is also available.

Mini Manual Lathe

Our mini manual lathe is great for small sized projects. Quick and easy to get up and going, you can have accurately machined parts in  a matter of minutes.

Wen Scroll Saw, Drill Press and Grinder










Any sawing, drilling or grinding needs can surely be met by our suite of Wen Bench top tools. Equipped with blades and bits for any purpose, you’ll find yourself sawing through soft materials and grinding metal while drilling through both with ease. Custom safetey switches ensure you’re protected in the case of an accident.

Sheet Metal Notcher/Cutter

The perfect tool for forming and cutting sheet metal – our corner notcher beats a pair of tin snips any day of the week. Positioning mounts ensure that your piece will be cut to your exact needs and its long handled lever ensures the cutting is safe and quick.

Soldering Equipment

The perfect space for any electronics nerd, our soldering station comes equipped with everything you may need. Irons, leaded and unleaded solder, prototyping boards, wire and shrink tubing all come standard. Our large desoldering heat gun even makes component removal a breeze.

Raspberry Pis & Arduino Unos

Need an Arduino or Raspberry pi for a quick experiment but don’t know where to find one? Come by The Shack and use one of ours! These devices are also a great way to get into prototyping and DIY electronics. Check our resources section for more information. Long term lending also offered, please inquire.