American Association of Physics Teachers

The Alberta Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, (AAPT)

Our goal in the Shack is to bring hands on experiences into the hands of students, be that undergraduate, graduate, and or research students at the university, or high school students and teachers all across Alberta. We have run Hands-on-Physics workshops in the past that are directed towards Junior and High school students, but we have successfully directed a workshop towards their teachers thanks to the support of the Alberta section of the AAPT. This workshop used the Raspberry Pi to run three different experiments, which taught how to get a store bought sensor operational using open source code, and how to use the pi to communicate information which is then graphed and analyzed.

We look forward to the production of future workshops, which will be directed towards pre-university education to start, but will expand to be available to university students as they become more accessible through demand.

Raspberry Pi Teacher Workshop Overview (1)