Equipment Training

1. In order to use our 3D printers and other equipment, you must complete some quick training which is done through an eclass external course. Click HERE and log in using your ualberta CCID and password (or follow the instructions if you do not have one). The enrollment key is “shacktraining”. By completing the short training and quizzes you will be certified to use the 3D printers and other equipment in the Shack. If you have any questions just ask!

2. Before using the printers you must first book a time HERE. Only book if you have completed the training. Before completing your first print please get a shack volunteer or employee to check if you have completed your training. Other equipment is available on a first come first served basis

3. When starting a new print/project, you must fill out a statement of intent here. This is important for Shack record keeping and lets us know how we can better meet the needs of its users!