Roland Milling Machine Sign Up

How to book milling time:

  • You must be logged into your ualberta email or any gmail – This allows you to book the appointment
  • Calendar 1 below shows what printing times are already registered
  • Calendar 2 are open appointment slots – if you cannot see this and you have logged into your google account, refresh the page

Booking Instructions:

  1. Find an available length of time equal to the time required for your project (these must be consecutive time slots)
    • NOTE: it is very difficult to estimate time for the mill, unless you know exact time because you’ve done the job before just book an entire day
  2. click on the appointment blocks during the time required (rounding up) and register for them
    • In the first (or any one of the slots) include the following details
      1. Project name
      2. total required time

If you want to mill overnight book the last slot of the day.

In the description add:

  • “Overnight job”
  • project name
  • approximate time required