Some updates as we ‘swing’ into 2019

Happy New Year, everybody. Hope your holidays went well.

We’ve got lots of stuff planned for this semester!


Do you like 3D-printing? Want to print a heart?
David Kenny <>
– Recently had an MRI done of his heart and was given a disc with all the results.
– would love to have a 3D print of it done.
– does not have the skills or the time to learn how to do it
David would like someone to 3D-print an MRI of his heart: if you are willing to take this project, please email David at to discuss time frames and/or payment.


A New Exec Opportunity! Two, actually.
The Shack Student Group is looking for
1) a VP Secretary to work with our previous one, who may not be able to attend meetings regularly, and
2) a VP Events, which is a new position we’ve opened up.

To apply for either of these positions, and to get more details on what your role would entail, please view and/or fill out the google form ASAP:
Please email us if you have any questions.


Call for Volunteers
Science FUNday is coming up: we need some volunteers to hang out at the shack for the day! If you are interested, please email or let us know on Slack 🙂


Meeting time updates
Our exec meeting times this semester are Saturdays 6p-7p and Mondays 6p-7p. For any changes, we will send updates on the slack #exec channel. If you have any questions for execs, feel free to drop by!


Slack page!

In case you have not already joined, we have a Slack. If you want to join it (and/or want to add a friend, acquaintance, and/or significant other), here is the link:


That’s it for now!

See you at the Shack

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