Q: When is the registration deadline?

A: Conference registration (only registration without accommodation) was open until August 1st. Accommodation packages are no longer offered


Q: What is the reccomended poster size?

A: 54″x42″


Q: What if my abstract is not ready?

A: No problem, you only need to submit a title of your research for now, and the abstract can be updated in the registration form until August 1st


Q: Can I give a talk on any topic?

A: Please only give talks/poster presentation on topics that you have actively researched and have expertise in


Q: Can I give a talk and do a poster presentation?

A: Yes


Q: I just completed my bachelor’s program this year, can I still attend CUPC and give a presentation?

A: Yes


Q: What are the oral presentation guidelines?

A: Each speaker will give a 10 minute talk, followed by 3 minutes of questions