Software Development-and-Deployment with IBM Bluemix – February 19, 2016

When: Friday, February 19  2016, 11am–12pm
Refreshments will be available at 10:45am

Where: CSC333

What: There is an accelerating trend in application development to take advantage of cloud development and operation environments. This is reflected both in the supporting API’s and in the application development styles. Many companies, including the largest enterprises, financial institutions and governments, are now providing API’s that allow access to corporate
resources. This is allowing small companies, individuals, hackathon teams, etc. the chance to develop meaningful application solutions without having to code backoffice functions. It is also opening the door to widespread adoption of cognitive technologies such as IBM’s Watson technologies. This presentation will cover the growing API Economy, the IBM Softlayer (Infrastructure as a Service) and Bluemix (DevOps /Software as a Service) tools, and some of the latest Watson cognitive API’s.

Who: SteUntitledphen Perelgut is currently the IBM Canada Cloud Ecosystem Business Development Manager. His previous role was managing University Relations for IBM Canada where he interacted with researchers from every research university in Canada as well as government labs and public sector funding agencies. His interests and activities cover a broad spectrum of computing sciences but he has always maintained a passion for undergraduate education in computing topics, having lectured for a total of 18 terms at the University of Toronto’s Department of Computing Science. Stephen currently sits on many faculty, school and government advisory boards, commenting on program development.