Graduate Students

MSc Students

Ian Watts Projected Augmented Reality for Surgical Guidance
Michael Feist Automated Multiview Range Sensing
Nehan Khan Multi-view Ultrasound Fusion (In collaboration with Dr. Punitakumar, SERVIER Virtual Cardiac Centre)
Shrimanti Ghosh Pulse Transit Time Computation Using Signal Spacity for Continuous Blood Pressure Prediction (In collaboration with Dr. Raj Padwal from the Faculty of Medicine)
Muhammad Zeshan MedROAD for Aged Care Monitoring
Vaibhav Dixit Interactive Tele-Medicine System for MedROAD
Sadegh Charmchi  Cardiac MRI Segmentation Using Deep Learning
Mina Abdi Oskouie  Proxy Haptic to Solve the Problem Touch in VR

PhD Students

Ray Yang CUDA-based Simulation for Rapid Radiation Therapy Dosimetry (In collaboration with Dr. Fallone, AHS Medical Physics Division)
Nathanial Maeda Real‐time Simulation of the Lumbar Spine (In collaboration with Dr. Carey, Mechanical Engineering)
Rositsa Bogdanova Three-Dimensional Eye Tracking in a Surgical Scenario (In collaboration with Dr. White, Surgical Simulation Research Lab.)
Hong Zu Li Automated Interpretation of 12 leads ECG Using Deep Learning


Daniel Oloumi Microwave Tomography Project (In collaboration with Dr. Karumudi, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering)