Alex Brown, Principal Investigator

Current Research Group

Maria Rossano, PhD Student, Fall 2016-Present

Victor Arturo Gomez, PhD Student, Fall 2017-Present

Shyam Parshotam, PhD Student, Winter 2018-Present (co-supervised w/ J. Gibbs)

Antoine Aerts, PhD Student, Fall 2018-Present (co-supervised w/ Nathalie Vaeck, ULB)

Ryan Johannson, PhD Student, Fall 2019-Present

Minh Tang Duc Hoang, CHEM 401 Student


Graduate Student Alumni

Zhibo Wang, MSc, Fall 2017-Summer 2019

Dr. Melis Gedik, PhD, Winter 2012-Summer 2017, Thesis: Quantum Chemical Investigations of Structural and Photophysical Properties of Emissive RNA Nucleobase Analogues

Dr. M. Alaraby Salem, PhD, Fall 2011-Summer 2016,  Thesis: Computational Study of Two Photon Absorption in Fluorescent Protein Chromophores

Dr. Ekadashi Pradhan, PhD, Fall 2010-Winter 2015, Thesis: Potential Energy Surfaces for Quantum Dynamics Simulations: From ab initio Computations to Vibrational State Determinations

Dr. Mohammed Momeni, PhD, Summer 2012-Summer 2015, Thesis: Computational Investigations on Excited State Properties of Cyanine Dyes and Carbene-bound Main Group Elements

Dr. Shuai Sun, PhD, Fall 2009 – Winter 2015, Thesis: Simulation of the Resonance Raman Spectra For Uracil and its Derivatives

Dr. Stephanie Wong, PhD, Fall 2006-Fall 2013 (co-supervised w/ P.N. Roy), “Thesis: AB INITIO SEMICLASSICAL INITIAL VALUE REPRESENTATION: DEVELOPMENT OF NEW METHODS

Dr. Ryan Zaari, PhD, Winter 2007-Summer 2012, Thesis: Towards Molecular Quantum Computing: Laser Pulse Shap-
ing of Quantum Logic Gates on Diatomic Molecules

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Hannah Dokken, Undergraduate Research Student, Summer 2020

Pierre Gachod, Undergraduate Research Intern (U.Toulouse, France) , Feb.-June, 2020

Megan Joy, WISEST Student, Summer 2019

Kwami Aku-Dominguez, NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2019

Maryna Mondrusova, MITACS Globallink Intern, Summer 2019

Cissy Xu, CHEM 401 Student, Winter 2019

Yidan Xing, CHEM 401 Student, Winter 2019

Xueting Ni, CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2018

Christian Ritterhof, MITACS-globalink Intern (Erlangen, Germany), Summer 2018

Jacob Wood, UARE Visiting International Interns (Leeds, UK), Summer 2018

Gaetan Herce, International Visiting Intern (U. Paris-Sud), Summer 2018

Kwami Aku-Dominguez, NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2018

Anabelle Jones, Lab Volunteer, Fall 2017

Chao Zhang, CHEM 399 Student, Fall 2017

Lou-ann de Goeij, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2017-Winter 2018

Andrew Wiedemann, CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2017

Cat-Tuong Huynh, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2014-Winter 2015; Summer student Summer 2015; Lab Volunteer, Fall 2015-Winter 2016;CHEM 401 StudentWinter 2017

Boyang Zhao, CHEM 401 Student, Winter 2017

Antoine Aerts, Visiting Student Intern (ULB, Belgium), Fall 2016

Meng Wang, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2016-Winter 2017

Chao Zhang, CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2016

Zhibo Wang, CHEM 401/403 Student, Fall 2016/Winter 2017; Summer student, Summer 2017

Tao He, UARE Visiting International student, Summer 2016

Qiming Shen, ISWSP student, Summer 2016

Hanseul Kim, CHEM 401/403 student, Fall 2015-Winter 2016

Tyler Ries, CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2015

Tong Zhang, CHEM 299 Student Fall 2015-Winter 2016; NSERC-USRA, Summer 2016; CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2017

Isaac Twelves, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2015-Winter 2016

Wenyu (Mac) Qian, ISWSP Summer student, Summer 2015

Andrew Jacobsen, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2014-Winter 2015

Evan Antoniuk, NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2014; CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2015

Aliaksandr Savin, NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2014

Christian Dusaban, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Daniel Stamper, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2013

Lisa Shulman, URI Research Assistant, Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Uchenna Obuekwe, Summer Research Student, Summer 2012

Melis Gedik, Summer Research Student, Summer 2011; Chem 401 student, Fall 2011

Meagan Lyszczyk, NSERC-USRA, Student, Summer 2011

Tran Nguyen, CHEM 401 Student, Winter 2011

Bao Pham, CHEM 401 student, Winter 2011

Marie Barnes, Summer Research Student, Summer 2010

Bryan Faucher, NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2010

Wang Xi, ISWSP Student, Summer 2010

Craig McMullen, CHEM 401 student, Fall 2009

Jacqueline Ngai, ISWSP Student, Summer 2009

Kaylee Bohaychuk, NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2009

Derek Mah, CHEM 401/403 student, Fall 2008-Winter 2009

Joey Sheff, CHEM 299 student, Fall 2008-Winter 2009

Sherni Koh, CHEM 401 Student, Winter 2008; Summer research student, Summer 2008

Kayla Atkey, CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2007-Winter 2008

Darrel Cotton, Summer research student, Summer 2007

Nikita Blinov, Summer research student, Summer 2007

Kevin Tok, Kevin Tok, CHEM 299 student, Fall 2006

David Jodoin, NSERC-USRA, Summer 2006; CHEM 401 student, Winter 2006; NSERC-USRA, Summer 2005; Part-time research assistant, Fall 2004-Winter 2005

Chen Liang, Summer student, Summer 2006; CHEM 299 Student, Fall 2005-Winter 2006

Ryan Zaari, CHEM 401/403 student, Fall 2005-Winter 2006; Summer research student, Summer 2005

Kyle Greene, Summer research student, Summer 2005

Jesse Kadosh, CHEM 401 Student, Fall 2015; NSERC-USRA Student, Summer 2004

Hariyanto Darmawan, Summer research student, Summer 2004

Post-Doctoral and Visiting Professor Alumni

Ali Ilkhani, Visiting Professor, Summer 2017-Summer 2019

Guo-Liang Dai, Visiting Professor, January 2018 – December 2018

Yusuf Simsek, TUBITAK Post-Doctoral Fellow, 06/2016-01/2018

Inara de Aguiar, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 07/2014-06/2016 (co-supervised with G.L.C de Souza, UFMT, Brazil)

Gabriel de Souza, CAPES Post-Doctoral Fellow, 08/2013-07/2014

Meiyu Zhao, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 05/2009-04/2010

Jose-Luis Carreon-Macedo, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 12/2006-01/2010

Javier Cuervo, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 09/2008-08/2009

Markus Schröder, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 01/2007-04/2009

Qadir Timerghazin, Alberta Ingenuity Post-doctoral Fellow, 01/2007-12/2008

Taiwang Cheng, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 01/2004-06/2006

Previous Group Photos

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